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MI & Co. Lawyers, present as a solution in solving various legal issues. With a deep understanding of the conditions and legal system in Indonesia is the strong asset for us in analyzing various legal issues, that will create a precise and complete solutions.

MI & Co. Lawyers, was establish in 2019 by professional Advocates and Legal Counsels with The Best educational backgrounds and experience. We simply desire to give positive contribution to the legal protection for the client’s interest.


We always prioritize high standards on delivering work, with strict supervision and stages of review. MI & Co. Lawyers always try to meet or exceed client expectations by working as a team in providing legal services and information in accordance with the needs of each client. With the professional skills of lawyers, experience and supported by a fast data base connection system, WE BELIEVE, we are the best partner to help Clients with their legal affairs.



















Muhammad Ikhwan

Managing Partner

Universitas Gadjah Mada (Bachelor of Laws)
Universitas Gadjah Mada (Magister Humaniora)

[email protected]

Ikhwan obtained his Bachelor of Laws degree (S.H.) and Masters in Humanities (M.Hum) from Universitas Gadjah Mada.

During college Ikhwan was active in various campus organizations. Ikhwan is one of the founders of the Sanggar Kesenian Apakah Faculty of Law, Universitas Gadjah Mada, besides that Ikhwan is also the Declarator and First Chairman of the Keluarga Mahasiswa Magister Hukum (KMMH) Universitas Gadjah Mada.

As an Advocate, Ikhwan experienced handling various legal issues in Indonesia both in the litigation and corporate fields, including dealing with legal issues in banking, bankruptcy and Suspension of Debt Settlement (PKPU), Manpower and judicial review.

Apart from being an Advocate, Ikhwan is also a Legal Auditor and also a Receiver and Administrator in Bankruptcy.

Abdena Ghosafati

Universitas Gadjah Mada (Bachelor of Laws)

[email protected]

Julyan Aditia
Junior Associate

Universitas Brawijaya (Bachelor of Laws)

[email protected]

Pramudya Mozza Syahputra

Universitas Diponegoro (Bachelor of Laws)

[email protected]


Brilian Suci Dwiana

Universitas Indonesia (Bachelor of Laws)

[email protected]


Dinda Pratiwi

Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran Jakarta (Bachelor of Laws)

[email protected]

Yafi’ Faris

Universitas Diponegoro (Bachelor of Laws)

[email protected]



Gedung Aldevco II Lt. 2

Jln. Warung Jati Barat Raya No. 75
Kalibata, Pancoran
Jakarta Selatan 12740
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia


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  MI&Co. Lawyers

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Dealing with legal disputes could be difficult, but we will assist you from the desk to the courtroom. MI & Co. Lawyers have the best interest to represent and protect your legal right with presenting the facts, documents and investigation.

Litigation Area:
– Criminal
– Civil
– Religious court
– Industrial Relations Dispute Court
– State Administration Court
– Constitutional Court
– Arbitration
– Others

Corporate & Business

MI & Co. Lawyers is your partner throughout the entire circle of Business. As legal counsel, we will handle your daily basis legal affair such as drafting agreement and legal documents, reviewing agreement, complying with regulation prevail and legal advisory.

Investment Law

MI & Co. Lawyers will provide and assist legal insight required to invest or established a legal entity in Indonesia. Our legal counsel will assist through all the legal process from investment approval application, business permit, and other company documents required by the Client. We have served and collaborated with various private, local and multinational companies in every economy sector.

Merger and Acquisition

MI & Co. Lawyers will help you seal the deal securely. With our experience in Merger and Acquisition representing both buyer and seller. We will provide Legal Due Diligence and Legal Opinion, and collaborating with other profession to complete the process.

Legal Audit

Legal Audit is very important to conduct as an initial evaluation and assessment material for businesses. We conduct a legal audit (legal due diligence) to a company or institution with the aim of determining the level of compliance of the company or institution with the prevailing laws and regulations in Indonesia and other business purposes.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property such as trademarks, copyrights and patents are valuable and important assets to protect today’s businesses. MI & Co. Lawyers will help clients to protect and maximize their intellectual property, from providing consultations, preparing registration applications up to the issuance of the certificates.

Bankruptcy and Suspension of Debt Payment

Dealing with debt can be such struggle, tough and complicated. MI & Co. Lawyers will help loosen the tangle for your company or individual. We will evaluate clients situation and giving possible solutions whether bankruptcy or suspension of debt payment. Not only on Clients as debitor, we also represent clients as creditors. To submit their due payment and supervise every progress of the Bankruptcy and Suspension of Debt Payment Process.

Family Law

MI & Co. Lawyers will represent clients in family court proceeding (Religious court/ civil), related negotiations, and also draft legal documents. The Family law legal practice involving family relationship, such as divorce, child custody, adoption, pre-nuptial Agreement, and dispute on joint matrimonial property.

Mining Law

MI & CO. Lawyers can assist Clients in a wide range of mining-related issues, including legal compliance, registration, and negotiations related to mining concessions and other operational areas, as well as in litigation processes and dispute resolution.

Banking and Finance

MI & Co. Lawyers assist Clients in identifying and resolving legal issues in the banking and/or financial field, including debt restructuring, resolution of non-performing loan issues, and drafting and/or reviewing corporate credit agreements.

Labor and Employment

In the field of employment, there is a relationship between Employees and Employers, including rights and obligations held by Employees and Employers. MI&Co. Lawyers can assist Clients in resolving issues to protect the rights and obligations of each party, including the creation of Company Regulations, Employment Agreements, Cooperation Agreements, Termination of Employment, and disputes.

Capital Market

MI&Co. Lawyers can assist Clients in various legal proceedings related to corporate actions in the capital market, including the management of initial public offerings (IPOs).


Kami sangat terbuka untuk memberi kesempatan bagi yang ingin menimba dan memiliki keinginan untuk belajar mengenai hukum secara praktik dalam dunia profesional. Raih pengalaman untuk membentuk masa depan.

Bergabunglah dengan Kami dan dapat mempelajari dari praktisi yang akan menganalisis berbagai kasus hukum untuk membentuk solusi yang tepat dan kredibel.



  • Pria atau Wanita;
  • Maksimal usia adalah 25 Tahun;
  • Sarjana hukum dari seluruh Universitas di Indonesia;
  • Berintegritas tinggi;
  • Fasih dalam berbahasa, baik Indonesia maupun Inggris (Intermediate);
  • Berpenampilan rapih dan menarik; dan
  • Minimal IPK 3.0


  • Surat Lamaran;
  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Ijazah / Surat Keterangan Kelulusan/ Surat Keterangan Kuliah;
  • Transkip Nilai.

Persyaratan dikirim dengan subjek email “Paralegal Application – (Nama)” ke: [email protected]